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L'ANGELICA - Toothpastes with Organic Phytotherapy Extracts

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

New sensory experience for your oral hygiene!

L'ANGELICA - Toothpastes with Organic Phytotherapy Extract
L'ANGELICA Toothpastes - The freshness of the mint and the taste you don’t expect!


L'Angelica launches the new organic phytotherapy extracts-based toothpastes, a new range that blends decades of research in herbal ingredients with the company's unrivalled know-how in the formulation of toothpastes.



For over 35 years, Angelica Herborist Institute has been studying plants and their healthy effects on wellbeing, to identify the best herbal remedies that nature can offer.

Phytotherapy is the science that study the benefits of medicinal herbs and their therapeutical properties on health and wellbeing.

L’Angelica range contains extracts derived from organic farming, selected to address several oral cavity issues. The organic extracts are called phytocomplexes.



Nowadays L'ANGELICA is Italy's No.1 brands in the functional teas and infusions (functional food) category and the brand features a wide range of products from toiletries to food supplements and chocolate.

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Besides the functional ingredients Xylitol, Zinc PCA and Fluoride aimed at providing antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial actions, all formulas have been enriched with coconut oil to boost the anti-plaque properties and nourish gums.


5 different organic phytocomplexes have been added to the formula in order to address multiple oral hygiene needs, whilst providing unique taste, fresh breath and the necessary protection for gums and teeth enamel.

EUCALYPTUS & MINT [Refreshing properties]

Treat yourself to the cold and durable thrill of eucalyptus with its refreshing properties, combined with a pleasant mint taste.

LIME & MINT [Refreshing properties]

Try the originality of the sparkling and delicately sour lime which perfectly meets a minty taste with tonic properties, for an exciting freshness sensation.

CINNAMON & MINT [Antiseptic properties]

Indulge yourself in the pungent scent of cinnamon which have antiseptic properties, combined with mint for an aromatic and enveloping freshness.

GINGER & MINT [Antibacterial properties]

Surprise your mouth with the sparkling and spicy note of ginger which benefits from antibacterial properties, combined with mint tones which provides inimitable freshness.

LIQUORICE & MINT [Anti-inflammatory properties]

Excite your palate with the enveloping sweetness of liquorice and its anti-inflammatory properties, together with mint for a long-lasting refreshing taste.

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