with microRepair® for regular and narrow spaces,
perfect for your oral hygiene routine at home, at work or when travelling


They are made with the innovative SELF CLEANING POLYMER technology and microRepair®, particles made up of the same substance as enamel, which penetrate into places toothbrushes cannot reach.

  • 36 single-use FLOSSERS
  • Special ergonomic Y-shaped head
  • Practical and comfortable cleaning thanks to the contoured shape
  • Made from a mono-filament with a special flat section
  • Fresh mint flavour


The Self Cleaning Polymer is a special polymerisation process that makes all the materials in the Biorepair® accessory line bacteriostatic. This innovative technology is based on natural trace elements, is free from biocidal substances and fights bacterial growth, making Biorepair accessories safer and providing better protection. Bacteriostatic protection stays effective over time.


What makes the Biorepair® Interdental Flossers different from other accessories

They are the only interdental flossers with microRepair®, particles made up of the same substance as enamel, which penetrate the places your toothbrush cannot reach, protecting against the formation of the dental plaque that causes cavities and inflamed gums. Due to their contoured shape, the Biorepair® interdental flossers make cleaning those difficult-to-reach interdental spaces easier. The floss on the Biorepair® interdental flossers is made from a mono-filament with a special flat section that is particularly good for narrow interdental spaces, allowing it to slide into even more difficult spaces and helping to remove plaque and food debris. It leaves a lovely minty fresh feeling after every use. Using Biorepair® interdental flossers with Biorepair® toothpastes ensures complete protection from plaque, tartar and cavities and repairs tooth enamel.


Biorepair® is the only range that Khan boast the patented innovation, made in Italy, of microRepair®MicroRepair® are particles made of hydroxyapatite, a substance which is very similar in composition to tooth enamel. This similarity gives microRepair® a biomimetic property, allowing the micro-particles to integrate with tooth enamel and dentine and promote remineralisation and repair.



Slide the Biorepair® flosser into interdental spaces, taking care not to force it. Move it gently back and forth to clean the spaces between your teeth and close to the gingival sulcus. Repeat for all the spaces on your top and bottom teeth. Use the tip on the end of the handle to finish off the gum line. Discard after use. Gums may be damaged if used incorrectly.



Against the bacteria that cause plaque build-up, tartar, cavities and gingivitis, which work their way into the interdental spaces and create an acidic biofilm that is corrosive to enamel. The new Biorepair® accessories with microRepair® made in bacteriostatic SCP help to protect the spaces your toothbrush cannot reach from bacterial attack.

BIOREPAIR - Hand-Held Flosser (36 units)

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  • The brand

    BIOREPAIR has been developed in the laboratories of Coswell in collaboration with the University of Bologna, Italy. BIOREPAIR is the first toothpaste that contains MicroRepair, biomimetic microparticles which penetrate into the micro scratches of tooth enamel and dentine, creating a new protective layer on the surface of the teeth, repairing micro-abrasions. Even 24 hours after brushing your teeth with BIOREPAIR, the protective layer continues to cover your teeth from the attack of acids. Regular use of BIOREPAIR guarantees long-lasting protection of your teeth from plaque, tartar, and decay. Day after day your teeth are healthier and stronger.

  • The company

    Coswell is an italian family run group of companies founded in 1961 and specialized in manufacturing and distribution of body and oral care products, health foods, masstige and selective fragrances, skin care and cosmetics in the mass market, perfumeries and pharmacies. Coswell provides innovative product, safe and efficient services in order to improve life quality of people in every part of the world.

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