Ceramol DS is a line based on protective and anti-microbial actions, specifically formulated for seborrheic dermatitis treatment. Lotion DS is an adjuvant cosmetic skin care product in the treatment of seborrhoeic dermatitis. It is particularly indicated for seborrhoeic conditions, redness, desquamation and itching of hair areas. It cointains Climbazole and Piroctone olamine for scalp and skin puryfing and anti-microbial action, Niacinamide for sebum-normalizing action, Bisabolol for hair/skin soothing, Panthenol and Inositol hydrating and protective action, Hyaluronic acid for helping the tissue repair processes. The product is free from preservatives that can cause allergies and fragrances.

CERAMOL DS - Lotion DS (50ml)

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    Ceramol is a brand powered by Unifarco Biomedical. Ceramol has been created to help SKIN BARRIER REPAIR with innovative and technological treatments. All products in the Ceramol range are formulated to minimize allergy risks and are suitable for sensitive, hyper-reactive and allergic skin of all ages. Ceramol laboratories use first-class raw materials to develop products with a limited number of ingredients, in order to give the skin only what it actually needs. Ceramol products contain 311 technology patent: 3 parts of Ceramide 3, 1 part of Cholesterol, 1 part of Fatty acids. Enriched with an innovative carrier system, this patent represents the ideal ratio to restore the epidermal barrier. To discover more about Ceramol visit www.unifarcobiomedical.com
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    Skin barrier health stays at the heart of Unifarco Biomedical's philosophy. Unifarco Biomedical is a dermatological company driven by science and innovation. It's mission is to design and develop pioneering solutions for skin dysfunctions, in order to improve consumer's health life. To accomplish this, UB collaborates every day with medical specialists, researchers, leading European universities, pharmacists and consumers building a professional network which fosters synergy between the different disciplines. Numerous patents are included in the innovative skin barrier therapy offered by Unifarco Biomedical products. Find the right solution for your skin disfunction visiting www.unifarcobiomedical.com
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