Ears - Daily Hygiene Spray 50ml - Isomar Ears gives relief by fluidizing and removing the excess keros from the external earphone cable. HOW DOES IT WORK? ISOTONIC SEA WATER SOLUTION: it has the same saline concentration as our body fluids (0.9% in NaCl), the solution penetration inside the wax cap with progressive disintegration and removal of excess material.HOW TO USE CLEANSING THE ADULTS AND CHILDREN’S EARS Tilt the head slightly on one side, introduce the tip of the dispenser into the external auditory duct and practice 2-3 nebulizations. Sweetly massage the base of the ear with a finger at the height of the ear orifice for 5-10 seconds. Tilt the head further to allow the solution to flow out completely and dry gently with a clean towel. Clean and dry the dispenser after use. It is a Medical Device CE Carefully read the instructions and warning Ministerial Authorization for advertising n. 3608 of 22/01/2020

ISOMAR Ears - No Gas Spray - Isotonic Sea Water (50ml)

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    ISOMAR comes from the Cinque Terre seawater (Italy). ISOMAR cannot be compared to common “physiological” solutions made only of water and salt (Sodium Chloride). Thank to the mineral salts and trace elements that are naturally contained in seawater, ISOMAR's composition is similar to the inorganic fraction of human plasma. Seawater is a bio-marine plasma, a compound of vital factors that are essential to cellular renewal. The mineral salts Calcium and Magnesium, the sulphates and the trace elements such as Iron, Zync and Manganese, act as a protection against infections, and relieve congestion in the nasal mucous.


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    Coswell is an italian family run group of companies founded in 1961 and specialized in manufacturing and distribution of body and oral care products, health foods, masstige and selective fragrances, skin care and cosmetics in the mass market, perfumeries and pharmacies. Coswell provides innovative product, safe and efficient services in order to improve life quality of people in every part of the world.


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