SoftgeI capsules to chew or to dissolve in your mouth with dewaxed and purified propolis. Liquorice flavour SoftgeI capsules to chew or to dissolve in your mouth Sugar free with sweeteners Format 20 softgel capsules WARNINGS A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Do not use during pregnancy. Excessive consumpion can have a laxative effect. Contains liquorice. People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

LENIGOLA - Propolis Softgel Capsules for Throat - Sugar Free (40 capsules)

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    LENIGOLA, for over 15 years, is one of the leading brands in the Propolis market. General composition of Propolis: tree and plant resins, wax and fatty acids, essential oils and other volatile substances, pollen, minerals and other organic components. The biological activities are mainly owed to the flavonoids, responsible for the antimicrobical action, and phenolic acid. High quality Propolis extracts: each batch of raw Propolis is analyzed in order to check thoroughly the absence of pesticides, antibiotics, aflatoxins, heavy metals. HPLC-ESI-MS: analytical method that guarantee the characterization of active principles in every batch. Dynamic Multi Extraction: the extraction method allows to purify the polyphenols present into Propolis, free from beeswaxes and inert resins, and to glycosylate the polyphenols improving the solubility. Flavonoids concentration: the anti-inflammatory and the antibacterical activities can be explained by the presence of some active flavonoids (i.e. galangin). The efficacy of products is related to the concentration of active components (flavonoids: 18mg/ml).

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    Coswell is an italian family run group of companies founded in 1961 and specialized in manufacturing and distribution of body and oral care products, health foods, masstige and selective fragrances, skin care and cosmetics in the mass market, perfumeries and pharmacies. Coswell provides innovative product, safe and efficient services in order to improve life quality of people in every part of the world.

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