Serum in single-dose pearls (MonoDermoDose) that provides the skin with pure Vitamin A (Retinol) with a concentration of 0.15%. It gives the face a smooth and relaxed aspect and helps in case of moderate seborrhoeic dermatitis and skin prone to acne. Monoderma A15 stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and performs a gentle exfoliating and smoothing action, with a clear attenuating effect on deeper wrinkles. Delicately apply the contents on the clean and dry areas of the skin to be treated, until it is absorbed. Apply one MonoDermoDose in the evening, avoiding the eye contour. Recom-mended treatment cycles of 1-2 months, repeated if necessary. In case of intense or prolonged exposure to sunlight, is recommended to use a sunscreen cream during the day.

MONODERMA - A15 vitamin skincare - Exfoliating Anti-Wrinkles - 28pearls x 0.5ml

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    MONODERMA from Giuliani is a line of dermocosmetics developed by Giuliani Research according to the minimalistic formula of MonoDermoDose, innovative packaging in convenient single-dose cosmetics for topical use with the aim of providing all the beneficial properties of the vitamins to the skin.

    Pure and stable free vitamins are contained in biodegradable jelly packages, specifically designed to provide skin with only the vitamins and exclude water, preservatives, color additives and perfume, to guarantee maximum tolerability also for the most sensitive skin types.

    The MONODERMA dermocosmetics line offers a complete programme for skin beauty.

    • MONODERMA C10, brightening and anti-ageing, contains Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) at 10%. Vitamin C, applied on the face thanks to MonoDermà and its innovative packaging, fights hyperpigmentation, prevents skin ageing thanks to its antioxidant action, contrasts free radicals and stimulates collagen synthesis.

    • MONODERMA E5, soothing and moisturizing, contains pure Vitamin E (Tocopherol) at 5%. By applying MONODERMA on the skin, the vitamin E it contains plays a protective role against free radicals and the damages caused by excessive exposure to the sun for an anti-ageing effect; it has a protective and soothing activity against itching and a moisturizing and hydrating activity on sensitive and reddened skin (the MONODERMA E5 XL format is also available for larger skin surfaces).

    • MONODERMA A15, anti-ageing exfoliating agent, contains Vitamin A (pure Retinol) at 0.15%. The minimalist MONODERMA formula, thanks to Vitamin A, facilitates skin cell renewal by preventing and delaying skin ageing. Its delicate exfoliating and smoothing action reduces dyschromia and deeper wrinkles.

  • The company

    Giuliani Pharma is a 100% Italian Pharmaceutical Company, market leader in hair loss field. Thanks to its values (Quality, Research and Innovation), it has been considered among the most reliable pharmaceutical companies in Italy.

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