Prep Derma Protective Cream is Paraben Free Relax for skin. An effective remedy for all kinds of skin irritation thanks to its effects: Calming, Soothing and Refreshing. Original Formula is suitable for men and women, adults and children. Be prepared for instant relief and a long-lasting sensation of freshness. Protects and moisturises cracked hands. Its significant calming and soothing properties make it an irreplaceable remedy for reddening caused by the sun and wind. Its freshness brings immediate relief if you have overdone sun exposure, calming the itching and burning sensation. Protects the skin from reddening. A winning formula for the old and young alike. It also helps prevent nappy rash. Its unique freshness will bring you unforgettable relief. It acts as an efficient treatment for irritation caused by your preferred method of hair removal (razor, wax, epilator, etc.) even for the most sensitive areas. Try it on the armpits, legs and bikini line after your normal hair removal routine. That irritating insect has bitten you and the itching is unbearable: try PREP for immediate relief.

Dermatologically tested


PREP - Derma Protective Cream - Jar (75ml)

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  • The brand

    PREP is a historical brand, known to thousands of consumers, used by and handed down from generation to generation and acquired by Coswell in January 2009. Standard-bearer of Made in Italy with regard to the skin protection, PREP combines innovation and tradition along with gentleness and efficiency across its entire range of products, designed for complete skin treatment.

    In an era dominated by extreme specialisation in all areas, the legendary jar of PREP skin protective cream is a "silver bullet" for every type of skin blemish. One product for a wide range of uses to provide instant relief and regenerate the skin of both adults and children.

    The range of PREP products for daily skincare consists of a line of pre- and post-shave balms, a line of deodorants, multi-purpose skincare cream and hand cream.

    Since 2009, PREP has provided a broad range of high-protection sun skincare products with unique innovative principles for both adults and children.

    PREP FOR MEN is a line that embraces the men cosmetic trends addressing the needs of men who look after their own skin and beard.

  • The company

    Coswell is an italian family run group of companies founded in 1961 and specialized in manufacturing and distribution of body and oral care products, health foods, masstige and selective fragrances, skin care and cosmetics in the mass market, perfumeries and pharmacies. Coswell provides innovative product, safe and efficient services in order to improve life quality of people in every part of the world.

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