Topical treatment for women over 45 that acting on the hair bulb from outside counteracts Female Androgenetic Alopecia. The heart of the formula, in addition to specifically selected vitamins and minerals, is BioEquolo, the exclusive and specific compound developed and patented by Giuliani to counteract AGA in women, combined with ColorCare protecting the hair fibre and colour from the ageing process. Thanks to the Triactive3 technology, developed and patented by Giuliani, the active ingredients are quickly absorbed and progressively released, requiring just 1 application every 3 days. Tricovel TricoAGE45+ Vials promotes the growth of healthy hair and counteracts Female Androgenetic Alopecia. It doesnt leave hair oily nor does weigh it down. 1 vial/day either on dry or wet scalp. Recommended treatment for 3 months.

TRICOVEL (Bioscalin) - TricoAge 45+ Vials - Anti Hair Loss (10 vials)

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    TRICOVEL - For over 25 years, millions of consumers have been relying on TRICOVEL* to find the best answer to their hair needs: targeted, effective and unique solutions for hair health and beauty that make TRICOVEL the No. 1 product line in the Italian anti-hair loss pharmacy market**.

    Innovation, scientific research, clinical trials, global patents and pharmaceutical quality are the foundations of the uniqueness and success of TRICOVEL products. High investments in research and an in-depth knowledge of hair allow TRICOVEL to continuously develop effective products that incorporate innovative active ingredients and cutting-edge technologies. The effectiveness of the active ingredients and product formulas is tested by in-vitro and clinical studies under dermatological control.

    Patented active ingredients and technologies make TRICOVEL products unique.

    The choice of ingredients and production processes, rigorously Made in Italy, follow the quality standards of a pharmaceutical company with over 100 years of history.

    Each TRICOVEL line meets a specific need for hair care. Aware of the different problems that hair and scalp may present - including temporary and seasonal hair loss, thinning hair, dandruff, sensitive skin - TRICOVEL formulates its products to take care of hair in a targeted way, from within and outside. The systemic and topical solutions of TRICOVEL with NeoSincroBiogenina and Physiogenina, TricoAGE 45+ and Energy lines, in combination with cosmetic complementary products (shampoos, conditioners, masks), guarantee the targeted action that is indispensable for strong, full-bodied and visibly healthy hair.

    Quality, reliability and safety: this is the secret of the TRICOVEL line and its effectiveness in hair care.

    * Marketed in Italy and other countries with the trademark Bioscalin

    ** Source: IMS data

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    Giuliani Pharma is a 100% Italian Pharmaceutical Company, market leader in hair loss field. Thanks to its values (Quality, Research and Innovation), it has been considered among the most reliable pharmaceutical companies in Italy.

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