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A to Z • Italy's

Top 100 companies      

by sales turnover                                                 

Did you know?



of the world's production of make-up is made by Italian OEM / ODM manufacturers for international brands 



is the number of Italian companies classified as manufacturers of cosmetics / toiletries / fragrances / food supplements / household products 


€11.5 b

is the cumulative sales turnover of all Italian cosmetic manufacturers in 2017 


€81.7 m

is the average sales turnover of the TOP 100 manufactures in 2017 

List of manufacturers of Beauty, Health and Personal care products


  • Companies sales turnover data is based on the companies' financial statement which is public and available online [link].

  • Companies sales turnover data might include sales related to non-cosmetic product categories.

  • Shall your company require amendments of the following data, please contact

  • Company sales turnover refers to year 2017; For "*" companies sales turnover refers to year 2016.

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